Christmas lurgy and getting going again

This post originally appeared on Ben’s old blog, Running From the Physio.

So, like many, I had an unintended lull in my training over Christmas due to a horrible cough/cold combo. I’d always planned to drop the mileage a little, but in the last two weeks, I’ve done 17 miles. That doesn’t sound too bad, you might think, but 13.1 of those miles were done this weekend! I missed two races that I’d been looking forward to over the Christmas period: I hadn’t signed up for the Stoke Stampede, but probably would have done on the day, while the Chard Flyer on New Year’s Day I had paid for. Still, I really didn’t have any choice in the matter, so there is no use getting too annoyed about it. Though it does mean that I probably won’t run a 10k road race for over 6 months: my last was at the end of September, and my next scheduled is the start of April.

Yes Strava… a “rest”.

My focus now switches to my spring half marathons. In the three weeks before Christmas, my long runs were all just over 10 miles, and I was averaging well over 20 miles a week. I set a parkrun PB at the start of November, and a road 5k PB in early December, so I know that despite this little setback, I’m running pretty well. My focus in the next few weeks is making my long runs long, maintaining a good variety of runs, and strengthening work. I don’t know when I’ll fit the last in, because it’s something I’ve never scheduled in, and always the first thing to get dropped if I have other things to do. (And with a 15-month-old daughter, there are always other things to do!)

I’ve avoided the temptation of the “review” blog for the most part: suffice to say that I easily hit all of my targets for last year, and my targets for the year going forward aren’t really set. I have a few things in mind, but to be honest, I don’t know how quickly I can improve. My focus is going to be on running well, and racing fun. Yes, I want that 10k PB, I want that half-marathon PB. I definitely want to go sub-20 for 5k. But I want to try more trail races, some odd distances, some hilly races. I’m hoping to get out and do a fair number of races in theĀ Somerset Series: they’re local, and generally pretty reasonably priced. There are generally a few people I know at each, and they offer the variety that I’m after.

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