Ben and Lolly both enjoy running but, with a young daughter, have to take it in turns to do so.  Which sometimes leads to jealousy.  Unless one of us is injured of course, in which case jealousy is a given.

Ben has been running on and off for over ten years, but despite him having been running for longer, it was Lolly that initiated the first race; the 2012 Bristol 10k. We ran together, although Ben has to admit that towards the end, he might have been itching to finish, and was probably not the best running partner! Later that year, we did the Cardiff 10k, that time running separately. Lolly’s running was put on hold through 2013, when she was pregnant with our first child, and though Ben still ran, it was without much consistency.

That all changed once there was a baby to avoid! Suddenly, Ben found that bit more time for running. He achieved his first running target of a sub-50 minute 10k at the Stoke Stampede in December 2013, and his first half marathon followed shortly at the 2014 Silverstone Half.

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